The mission of Hotel is to provide the best possible care for its guests, by providing pioneer treatments and researching the nature of sleep and its disorders.

The vision of Hotel: Striving to be the world’s leader in patient experience, clinical outcomes and research. Our purpose is to provide a better understanding and a self-awareness that gradually is leading the guests to a peaceful sleep.

Hotel was founded in 1987 in London, UK. Today it counts proudly 53 Hotels in all the major capitals around the world and from November 2015 our new building will be ready to host guests in Athens, Greece.

When first started, Hotel was envisioned by a team of medical specialists drawing strategies from military medicine, believed in diverse experts working and thinking as a unit. Nowadays, the core team of Hotel has expanded its methods by incorporating multidisciplinary principles and research areas used –such as art, design, new technologies, alternative and complementary therapies. This kind of cooperation, efficiency and shared vision has fostered excellence in guests care, research and therapy.

In the heart of Athens, Hotel is a stylish, urban night-resort, dedicated to people who face insomnia and sleeping disorders. With unconventional atmosphere, cool and thoughtful service, Hotel surrounds guests in absolute calm. Come to experience any of its 133 rooms, suites and executive rooms of subtle beauty and slip into something surprisingly intimate and comfortable for a night.


Disorder Assesment

detailed evaluation of your symptoms and planning of your personalized therapy

Consultation therapy

sleeping disorders management and personal observation for one-on-one support

Night Observation

our specialized personnel observes and analyzes your sleep, collecting data regarding your brain activity, respiratory function, muscular function and multiple other variables which are necessary for the diagnosis of the complexity of each individual sleeping disorder.

Therapy program

The role of psychological support for the treatment of sleeping disorders has been established as part of our integral approach


Hotel is committed to progress in the field of sleep therapy through the training of doctors, sleep technologists, as well as the broader community

Go! To Sleep Program

An interactive algorithmic program designed by our specialized personnel to provide an alternative solution to sleep therapy



Sophisticated five-star services and a variety of practical amenities: discretely luxurious single-bed rooms, direct contact with the front desk, Wi-Fi Internet connection, air conditioning, famous designers’ furniture and lighting, cinematic ambience lighting, spacious lobby and impressive pool

Rooms & Suites

133 rooms, suites, and executive rooms of unique beauty and absolute serenity within a spectacularly familiar and comfortable environment for the night

Stay packages

Choose the relaxation package that best suits your needs, together with our expert advisors. Send the required personal data at [email protected] and we will plan a special stay package that will guarantee you a serene sleep

Personalized Menu

Leave everyday stress behind and enjoy your own personal choice from the Room Service menu – the only menu in the world especially designed for each client individually – and invigorate yourselves in any of the common areas of HOTEL


Call the front desk and our specialized staff will be immediately at your disposal.


Admire some unique street-art works in HOTEL’s external spaces and enjoy outstanding creations of photographers and designers made especially for our services.


In our terrace lounge, enjoy a night swim in the HOTEL pool, have a relaxing cocktail in the chaises longues, and enjoy the Athenian sunrise in our Sleep Lounge. In HOTEL, the visitor is the star, and that means you


Admire some unique street-art works in HOTEL’s external spaces and enjoy outstanding creations of photographers and designers made especially for our services.


We provide our clients with free parking space. Walk down the HOTEL staircase and be greeted by our friendly and hospitable personnel