ARTIST:Greece Is for Lovers & Yiannis Ghikas


A modular system of prop objects designed by Greece is for Lovers & Yiannis Ghikas, for the theatrical play “Hotel” (Athens, December 2015 - January 2016).

In a parallel reality where the play ‘Hotel’ unravels, insomniacs gather to an institution in order to shake out their demons. A one-stop therapy retreat rather than a hotel itself, this institution is a place of reflection, analysis, and eventual resolution.

Our design proposal is a modular system consisting of a cup, a portable pissoir and a personal light.

The basic component is a stackable shade for an LED tea light, which can be attached to the cup or the pissoir, or stacked on to other shades in order to create a tower of flickering light. Having been asked to design site-specific props for a somewhat surreal setting, we could only approach this commission in a similarly imaginative manner.

Our aim was to design warm and out-worldly objects that would appear familiar in shape, however stripped of their original use - ergonomic function has not been taken into consideration in this case. On the contrary, the shapes themselves act as a metaphor for the objects’ intention.Their nature as dummies is not hidden but accentuated through the emission of the flickering light. Their capacity to carry fluids is obviously annulled.

In an effort to add a soothing quality, each component is translucent and capable of emitting the soft light it encloses.This candle-like glow has an organic quality that compliments the 3d-printed geometric shapes.

Matching the dark sense of humour of the play, we have incorporated a very basic daisy design into the shapes, as a form of comic relief. The objects’ very primal nature takes the patients back to their childhood while this out-of-context motif lightens the otherwise serious matter of psychotherapy, which is explored within the play as a method of healing for the patients.